During our Annual State Convocation in October 1986, Bishop T. T. Scott led the saints on a tour through the Riverside Seed Company property. However, there were some doubts in reference to the feasibility of the investments in the property by some of the brethren. But God had given our leader a vision for the property. He and other members of his cabinet encouraged the saints to grasp the vision.

On December 30, 1986, this property was purchased by the Jurisdiction. The purchase of the Riverside Seed Company property proved to be one of the greatest forward steps ever made in the Jurisdiction. These two pieces of properties have been developed into a Multi-Purpose Complex, with a seating capacity of 1800, and Assembly Room which will seat 300, Jurisdictional Bishop’s Office, Business Office, Supervisor’s Office, Jurisdictional Officials’ offices, District Superintendents’ offices, Trustees’ Office, three (3) Conference Rooms, two (2) fully equipped kitchens, storage rooms, laundry rooms, Supervisor’s Executive Suite, seventy-five (75) bedrooms with full baths. We have parking lots which accommodates 350 cars.